Alwan ColorHub


Made for images and PDF files color separation and ink optimization, Alwan ColorHub allows you to print accurate and predictable colors, no matter what input, output color spaces and printing processes you use.

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PDF file volatility is a major source of color issues, mismatch, and long make-readies.

With Alwan ColorHub, PDF contents are color-managed in order to match the output device color space.

This makes printing easier, make-readies shorter, and printed colors more accurate.

PDF files can contain images and objects having different color separations.

This is a major source of instability and costly compromises on the printing machine.

With Alwan ColorHub, output PDF contents will all have the same color separation.

This delivers better print quality and stability, particularly when changing jobs.

Printing spot colors without spot inks is increasingly needed especially with digital devices.

Alwan ColorHub combined with Alwan's Hydra spectral profiles will give you the best possible spot color simulation.

Once your proof is printed to match a reference color space (FOGRA, G7®, ISO…) Alwan ColorHub (ACH) will match this proof on press.

ACH also offers you the ability to color manage print-ready files for proofing purposes.

Matching two printing processes requires that these processes be calibrated, profiled and color-managed.

Alwan ColorHub can help you achieve that easily thanks to its all-in-one press calibration, profiling and color management capabilities.

Alwan ColorHub contains 3 inks savings technologies: industry standard Gray Component Replacement (8 levels of GCR), together with proprietary Dynamic Maximum Black (10 levels of DMB) and Minimum TAC & Ink Usage (5 levels of MTIU).

GCR offers enhanced color separation as black is preferred to cyan, magenta and yellow inks. DMB goes the extra mile by using up to 10% less ink and toner than GCR Max without any compromise on quality.

MTIU technology has a focus on minimizing the TAC, regardless of the channel, which allows up to 50% ink savings compared to original separation. As a result, costs are significantly cut, printing speed is increased and printing stability is improved.

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Hydra Profiling® is based on Alwan’s unique and patented spectral prediction technology, allowing printers to build accurate 4c-7c ICC profiles from a very small number of patches.

Hydra Profile Editing capabilities allows you to delete, replace or add an ink channel to an existing Hydra profile without the need to print a characterization chart.

HydraFix® Profile Updater allows you to update your digital press paper profile (inkcut, curves and profile) in 2 clicks and 2 minutes.

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Easy and quick calibration and profiling solution for digital presses. Update your digital press calibration and ICC profile in a couple of minutes and print accurate colors despite changes in production substrate or printing conditions.

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CMYK + additional inks - usually OGV inks - processes are used to increase the gamut of the print device.

This process is also called HiFi for High Fidelity, ECG for Expanded Color Gamut, or fixed palette.

Alwan ColorHub HiFi option allows you to apply a high-quality multicolor separation to your files and to print spot colors without spot ink with unequaled color accuracy and print stability.

Multicolor printing reduces press wash-ups and setup time, offering environmental benefits such as reducing waste and solvent usage.

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HP Indigo printers with EPM option can print jobs with CMY inks only, hence saving 1 revolution (no K channel) and increasing press productivity by 33%.

However, all jobs and pages can not be printed in CMY such as black text-only pages and very dark visuals and spot colors, etc.

Alwan ColorHub HPM is an all-in-one automated solution that, given your assessment criteria, will preflight PDF file - categorize it as a CMY or CMYK print - build corresponding DeviceLink profile - color manage content, and save optimized PDF in a dedicated CMY or CMYK output folder ready to be printed by your HP Indigo DFE EPM workflow.

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Alwan ColorHub’s award-winning Dynamic DeviceLinks™ technology lets you print more accurate colors than any other color management server.

ACH analyzes individual PDF to evaluate its components, identifying all elements, their color description and color spaces. Each object within a PDF is then analyzed for its area coverage and ink consumption. Then Alwan Dynamic DeviceLinks™ are created and applied on PDF content ensuring unequalled color accuracy and print quality.

The technology works in all print environments including offset, digital, flexo and gravure.

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