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Why do we NEED color management?

Every second of the day, color data is generated, edited, transmitted, stored and reproduced somewhere around the world.

Content creation and reproduction can be done in different places by operators and companies that often do not know each other.

Their working practices may be very different thus leading to color mismatch, disappointment, and waste of time and money to get the job right.

In this globalized workflow scenario, Color Management based on International Standards allows consistent colors throughout the production workflow, from design to PDF to proof to print.

For more than twenty years, Alwan has been contributing to the global standardization of color management practices through its involvement in ICC (International Color Consortium) and in ISO (International Standardization Organisation) represented by its founder and CEO Elie Khoury, who also chairs the French ISO TC 130 mirror committee.

Alwan's award-winning unique solutions are used by thousands of conventional and digital publishing & printing houses, as well as RIP manufacturers all over the world.

What is color management?

Color Management is the color operation or the set of color operations whose main purpose is to enable input and output colors or in other words source and destination colors to match. Input can be a target color space, Output Intent, Reference Printing Conditions, or a spot color that needs to be reproduced.

Output can be a destination exchange color space, device color space, Actual Printing Conditions, or a spot color build that needs to match the input target.

Alwan Color Management Solutions covers all the requirements and the needs of a color-managed workflow.



Alwan ColorHub, industry-leading color management server since 2004 and InterTech Award® recipient in 2008 offers a unique ICC-based Dynamic Color Management making any 4 colors to 7 colors output device print better quality images and more accurate colors while using less ink than ever before.

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Alwan Hydra Profiling®, industry-first spectral profiling technology can build accurate 4 colors to 7 colors ICC profiles from a very small number of patches making press profiling a much easier and cost-effective job. Hydra Profiling is an option available with Alwan Colorhub, Alwan PrintStandardizer and Alwan ToolBox.

Alwan ToolBox in combination with AlwanColorHub and Hydra Profiling allows you to update a digital press in 2 minutes enabling production to continuously match the reference colors despite any change in printing conditions or production substrate.

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