Pirelli Calendar achieves extraordinary Color and Quality thanks to Alwan ColorHub

Alwan ColorHub (formally known as CMYK Optimizer) ensures winning results for Mondadori Printing. Extraordinary color and quality for famous Pirelli Calendar Book.

About Mondadori

Mondadori Printing is one of the largest graphic companies in Europe.

With a workforce of over 1,500 employees, the company can print using offset, web offset, gravure and flexography. Mondadori’s color management requirements reflect a common trend in today’s dynamically evolving industry. Operators must handle files coming from every corner of the world. However when it comes to color management, their ability to intercept errors and potential problems from incoming files is very limited. Alwan provides an effective solution to this problem with its award winning Alwan ColorHub (CMYK Optimizer) software which is based on Alwan’s Dynamic DeviceLinks® technology.

Sergio Brunelli, head of prepress and offset quality control at Mondadori Printing, provides an example of why Alwan ColorHub (CMYK Optimizer) is an absolute must in their production workflow:

“A client provided a PDF file that was only suitable for web offset printing.  All of a sudden he decided to switch to gravure printing at the very last minute. In view of the tight production schedule and costs related to converting the digital files, we intervened on the files using Alwan ColorHub (CMYK Optimizer) software. Thanks Alwan technology, the files were converted directly from web offset to gravure avoiding the problems of black channel management».

Sergio Brunelli

Alwan ColorHub (CMYK Optimizer)’s record for delivering successful results gave Mondadori another technical edge to handle the demanding print requirements for the famous Pirelli Calendar book which included 44 years (1963-2007) and hundreds of black/white and color images which were color managed and separated in different and heterogeneous ways over the years:

«At first, it was practically impossible to reproduce such different images with any degree of quality. Then separations were rebuilt using Alwan’s Dynamic technology which enabled optimal printing conditions to be achieved within a very short time».

«The resulting files were easy and fast to print, overmore, Alwan’s Ink Savings were really significant»

Sergio Brunelli