Perfect colors at St. Pauli Printing Plant thanks to Alwan PrintStandardizer

St. Pauli printing plant is ideally situated in the middle of St. Pauli in the heart of Hamburg. Founded in 1978, it currently counts 14 employees and provides quality services for a wide variety of printed products covering business cards, postcards, flyers, posters, folders, calendars, brochures, art catalogs and more…

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«Our printing is done almost exclusively with FM screening. This requires rigorous color management and quality control to match ISO standards and Fogra proofs. Impressed helped us first implement PDF preflight, Device Link Profiles and color management. Then we needed to calibrate and maintain the Komori press color reproduction with FM screening and we started looking at available solutions on the market. Karsten Schwarze from Impressed introduced Alwan PrintStandardizer to us.

After a couple of days of installation and training, PrintStandardizer was integrated seamlessly in our production. The software usage was amazingly simple, we liked the good visual representation of the machine parameters, we found the displayed information and generated reports easy-to-understand and useful, and we were particularly impressed by the accuracy of the press curves. With an unbeatable price-performance ratio, the decision to adopt PrintStandardizer was fairly easy and quick to take.

Two weeks after its installation we all noticed a significant improvement in our proof to press match. Actually the match is so good and consistent that we decided to print customer jobs without an in-house proof anymore! We also updated our process control procedures which became much simpler and less time consuming thanks to PrintStandardizer automated process control. The only thing I wish Print Standardizer could do is a tool to create our own control strips, but Impressed and Alwan have been very helpful so far in doing this for us. 

I highly recommend Alwan PrintStandardizer to all printers who are looking to print to color standards regardless of the specifics of their printing process.»

Manfred Koepp – Prepress Technical Manager – explains the reasons behind the high quality prints at St. Pauli